Wrap Them in Love

Kathryn M Byrd
Kathryn Byrd Grant

Pictured here is Kathryn Byrd, daughter Kathryn Grant and grand son and great grand son, Grant.
This tribute has been written by daughter and grand-daughter, Kathryn.

Kathryn M Byrd
October 28, 1908 - September 28, 2001

Kathryn was simply born to be a lady of style, grace and love. Her home was always full of warmth, her presence comforting and her smile ready. The only time you heard criticism from her lips was in the defense of children. She lived to see 3 great grandchildren into the world and welcomed each one with open arms.

Despite a prediction by doctors that she would succumb to kidney failure after a severe bout with TB, she survived for 50 years past her predicted death. She was preceded in death by both of her children, her husmand and all of her siblings, yet never failed to find joy in the sight of a child despite her own losses.

Had she been a quilter, there is no doubt that she would have made many for Wrap Them in Love. I will miss you, Dear Meme. You were my inspiration.

Kathryn Byrd Grant
July 4, 1943 - September 4, 2001

Kay Grant must have been born in high spirits. Her presence was like a lamp for many, drawing people near just to enjoy her smily and friendship. She never missed an opportunity to make others around her happy. Despite having been diagnosed with cancer at 56, with a 3 month prognosis, she managed to fight the disease for 18 months, still smiling, and still thinking of her friends and family. Even as cancer ravaged her body, her beauty shined through.

A devoted wife, loving mother of two, and proud grandmother of 3, she sought to make her home a welcome refuge for all who enetered it.

Mom was a recipient of a quilt made, in part, by some of the loving hearts that make up Wrap Them in Love. Her presence is very much with me each day. I miss you so very much, Momma. Thank you for being both my mother and my best friend.

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