Wrap them in Love

Gallery 2016

Quilters and volunteers, young and old, have made these quilts for children in need. We greatly appreciate all of the hard work that everyone has put in and all of your very generous donations. The quilts that are donated to Wrap Them in Love are so beautiful, we just have to share them with you! As the quilts come in, we will put them on display here in our Gallery. This is a terrific place to get ideas. These quilts are sure to make you smile. So, grab a cup of tea and relax for a little while as you look through our Gallery.

While we were taking pictures of quilts, Russell noticed a box of donated fabric, so everytime a quilt was held up, he popped up in front of the camera with another piece of beautiful donated fabric! He was so proud to be helping!
Sometimes it is difficult to hold up a quilt when it is larger. TADA!! Helpers to the rescue!! Hey! Remember these two? This is Ethan and Allie! You might remember them from galleries years ago. They have been helpers since they were small.
Emma is helping too.

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